All About Binchotan Charcoal

How does Mizzl binchotan charcoal work?

Check out our How it Works page here!

How often do I need to refresh/reactivate the stick?

For best results, we recommend boiling the charcoal stick every 2-3 weeks or when there are no longer air bubbles surrounding the stick when you refill the container with water. 

Is the charcoal supposed to float or sink?

Whatever floats its boat! When the charcoal floats, it's simply due to the fact that the charcoal is more porous than others. It is still filtering your water whether it is at the top or bottom of your container.

How long does a stick of charcoal last?

One stick is reusable up to 4 months with proper maintenance.

How do I dispose my charcoal stick?

Once your charcoal stick has reached its capacity as a water purifier, no need to throw it out! Its benefits continue on for other everyday uses. Here are some other ways to get great use out of your charcoal stick.

Bath time

Add 1-2 sticks to your bath to allow the charcoal to emit far infrared rays that enhance blood circulation.

Air Purifier + Dehumidifier 

Charcoal sticks work wonderfully to absorb odors - place them in your refrigerator, bathroom, or anywhere that needs to be deodorized. Additionally, they're also effective in absorbing dampess. Place sticks in cabinets, closets, or laundry rooms to reduce moisture and mold. 

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Place charcoal sticks by electrical appliances such as televisions, microwaves, computers, and mobile phones to block the harmful electromagnetic waves that they emit.


Recycle your used charcoal sticks by placing broken pieces in the soil. The charcoal will increase air flow and help increase microbe activity while alkalizing the soil to nurture healthy plants

Does this charcoal stick remove fluoride?

Binchotan charcoal eliminates certain toxins such as chlorine, chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, tannins, and small amounts of heavy metals (copper, iron, mercury). It, however, does not remove fluoride, ammonia, nitrates, bacteria, or viruses, so always check to make sure the tap water in your area is regulated and treated to public health standards. 

Can I cook with the charcoal stick? 

Absolutely! Binchotan is the preferred cooking charcoal used in Japan due to its steady high heat and long burning time. It is both chemical-free and nearly devoid of smoke or odor when burned, which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor grilling.

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